For golfers and fans alike, the fun and excitement of playing the great game of golf have often been derailed by the unpredictability of the weather. However, thanks to Full Swing’s state of the art Dual Tracking golf simulator technology, golf aficionados no longer need to wonder why it only rains during their Saturday golf game, and can instead enjoy playing golf with friends from the comfort of one’s home.

For those who love the game of golf, there is a certain awe of Full Swing Simulators – the realism of the display, the fun game modes, and the convenience of playing golf indoors at any time. However, what is truly unique about Full Swing simulators is the use of Ion2 High-Speed Cameras along with Infrared Sensors to produce the most accurate data and realistic ball flight in the industry. Here are 7 interesting facts about Full Swing’s Ion2 High-Speed Cameras that users may not know:

1 Used in conjunction with Full Swing’s Infrared Sensor Technology – which measures ball data such as ball speed, launch angle, and direction at the speed of light – the Ion2 High-Speed Cameras capture club specific data to create the most realistic ball flight on the indoor simulation market.

2 The Ion2 High-Speed Cameras capture all club specific data – including club speed, club path, club face angle, as well as ball backspin and spin axis. This club specific data, coupled with instant on-screen ball flight, provides users with a great tool to practice shot shaping just as if one was on a golf range.

3 Ion2 cameras instantly detect all types of golf balls, allowing users to play their preferred ball.

Golf balls are instantly recognized in a generous 24” radius by Ion2 cameras on the hitting mat to allow for quick play.

5 Depending on the ball placement in the hitting area, the Ion2 cameras intelligently shift the landscape left or right to allow users the best line of sight to the green.

6 12 LED lights are included with the Ion2 cameras to lighten the hitting area for maximum visibility.

7 Dual Ion2 High-Speed Cameras can be added to 20+ year old simulators to increase tracking performance and accuracy.

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