It’s that time of year when the days are starting to get shorter, the kids are going back to school and it is getting harder to find time to play 18. Golf Course GMs and Head Pros are eager to give their golfers more ways to play and come to the clubhouse to meet with friends over a few beers and dinner. Full Swing is here to transform your clubhouse into the place to be all year round, giving golfers ways to train, play and entertain their families & friends.

We recently surveyed courses around the country who have installed our golf simulators and wanted to share with you in a series of posts how the Full Swing is improving business for courses and the lives of players around the country, one golf simulator at a time. We found out that more than 60% of courses that have installed a Full Swing Simulator, have not only paid off their simulator in less than a year but have generated a profit because of installing it, let us show you how that happened.

Players love the experience of choosing between 84 championship courses with their weekly foursome, customizing their virtual driving range after work or mixing up their practice routine by playing a round at Pebble Beach in under an hour, so much so that 100% of the courses that installed a Full Swing Simulator have seen an increase in traffic during the evenings and at traditionally slower times of the year.

As the players continue to come to the course to play more golf in the simulator, they are staying longer and buying more while on-site. Our survey has shown a significant increase in food and beverage revenue at 100% of the courses that have invested in a Full Swing Simulator. It’s not just the usual avid golfers that are buying drinks during and after their round on the course either. In our next post, we will explore how installing a Full Swing Simulator at your clubhouse will bring the whole family to the course.

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