Ricky Gervais has one. So does Donald Trump. And Ian Poulter. And now, the 2011 London Golf Show has one too…No, not a BAFTA, an eponymous tower block or a pair of Union Jack trousers. What they each have, and eulogise over, is a Full Swing golf simulator.

With ultra-high resolution graphics and realistic ball-flight tracking, Full Swing offers the ultimate indoor golf experience, whether you wish to improve your game or simply play one of 65 stunning, realistically recreated golf courses, including many which will be instantly recognisable after hosting some of golf’s major tournaments … and indeed Major tournaments.

And at this year’s London Golf Show, the Full Swing golf simulator will be hosting the event’s nearest-the-pin contest with return pairs of Monarch flights up for grabs on a daily basis, and an overall grand prize of a year’s membership at Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, in Surrey.

Full Swing has been the market leader in simulator technology for many years and the flexibility of the installation is just one of the many reasons why more and more celebrities, footballers, pop stars, leading business executives and exhibitions and events – like the London Golf Show – are turning to the company to provide the coveted indoor golf experience.

The ball can be hit from anywhere in the simulator so it takes up the least amount of floor-space of any simulator on the market. So if you can stretch to purchasing the simulator but balk at getting in the builders to knock up an extension in which to house your new toy, Full Swing again saves the day.

And for the non-golfing members of the family, it even has the ability to turn into a home cinema. The 16ft x 9ft unit can be enhanced with a powerful HD projector to give incredible cinema images, with a drop-down screen for cinema, and full surround sound.

The combination of entertainment and data feedback is of course ideal for the myriad indoor golf centres which have sprung up in many major cities over the last few years – and you can guarantee that those which are frequented the most are using Full Swing simulators.

Installing one of these high-tech babies won’t make you as funny as Gervais, as rich as Trump or as good a driver as Poulter, but it will give you the best indoor golf experience available today. Otherwise why would you find them at Harrods, 1 Hyde Park or the London Golf Show?

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