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Golf will no longer have an offseason in Mt. Pleasant. Bucks Run plans to open a golf pro shop at 2320 Remus Road that will feature a golf simulator.
The closest golf simulators to Mt. Pleasant are in Edmore and Midland.
But those don’t compare to the one Bucks Run is offering, according to Bucks Run head golf professional Jon Conklin. “Both of those don’t have the technology or capabilities that we have,” Conklin said. “This is an upper level service. We didn’t just throw something in somewhere and let it roll. We went in with a 47-inch flat screen, nice lighting and we can adjust each and every light to how you want it.”

Bucks Run’s system also will allow people to have an area for a reserved time. All of those amenities are featured around the 12-foot screen where golf can be played all year round. Everything was custom built to fit the space where the top-of-the line simulator is. Accuracy and realism is what Bucks Run prides itself on.

“If you are in the rough you can play from the rough, if you’re on the tee you can play from the tee, lefties can do it as well, very, very easily,” Conklin said. “It is extremely accurate.”

There are two different features that the simulator can offer the driving range for practice or full game experience. The simulator shows golfers where to aim, how the ball is going to travel, and trajectory. All of those starts are found pre-swing.

Post-swing, golfers are shown total yards, carry, launch angle, ball speed, and how far off target the ball is. Club comparison can also be done by changing the color of the on screen ball tracer.

“Now you can see all the differences. Now I’m comparing and don’t have to remember exactly what it was like when you’re on a real driving range,” Conklin said. “When you go out on a driving range and are like ‘man I smoked that’ then your next one you think it was better but it might not have been. Now I can give you an accurate reading and you can’t fool yourself.”

There are two laser beams that go all the way around the outside of the screen several feet apart. The ball is read hundreds of times per laser beam and once the ball hits the screen, it is seen in real-time as an image on the screen. Golfers can also see their totals and statistics shot by shot and averages.

If golfers feel they don’t need to work on their game and want to play a round of golf they can do that and choose any of the 15 world wide courses that the simulator offers. The simulator is all about fun, fun for all ages.

After selecting how many players there are and what tees the group will be playing from, certain statistics can be added to any player to give them an edge. “Let’s say I got my mother in here. It’s not going to be fun for her for me to play how I normally play and her not to. She wants to have fun on this too,” Conklin said. “I can give her a boost of energy.”

“Instead of her drive that goes 100 yards, it can go 170. I can do that so she can enjoy herself. And how much fun would a 7-year-old have driving the ball 200 yards?” If a golfer wants to play with his friends and they enjoy betting on holes, they can do that too, Conklin said.

To reserve the simulator for one hour it will cost $50. “That is divided up by however many people are (playing in your party),” Conklin said. “If I come in with three buddies it’s $12.50 (a person).” A 45-minute lesson on the simulator will cost $40.

In addition to the simulator, Conklin and his staff will sell several high end golf clubs, everything from Titleist, Nike, Callaway, Adams, Cleveland and many more. Also offered at the pro shop is club repair and club fitting.
Conklin is planning on having the grand opening on Dec. 1, with a ribbon cutting on Dec. 6. “This can turn into a family thing,” Conklin said. “It’s laid back, it’s something that you can do in the winter.”

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