Hundreds of golf tech products flood the market each year promising to be the at-home training tool to fix all your golfing woes.

With only 55% of adult golfers breaking 100, it’s clear that these one-size-fits-all products are not a reliable solution to improving your game and developing a consistent repeatable swing. Each golfer is different and may require separate swing adjustments and technique changes to maximize their individual game.

The fastest way to shave strokes at home is to have access to reliable swing data and high-quality video footage. With this, golfers can track their baseline numbers and see how any swing adjustments impact their overall results. The Full Swing KIT uses patented innovative Radar technology to provide 16 reliable points of data and high-quality video footage of every swing.

Here are four examples of how the simulator can effectively improve your practice sessions at home:

1. Correcting A Pesky Slice or Hook (Or Any Other Swing Deficiency)

One of the primary issues that impact beginner golfers looking to improve their game is the dreaded slice or hook, especially off the tee. Being unable to drive the ball straight reduces distance and often leaves players in the rough and out of the hole.

The Full Swing KIT tracks everything you need to know where your ball is going to end up. Whether you want to look at the metrics of carry, side carry, club face angle, horizontal angle or spin together, you can evaluate the raw data on the built-in display. For golfers still learning what their numbers mean, all of this data can be viewed side by side in the Full Swing app using the dispersion chart to show you exactly where your ball have landed paired with your data. Any instructor will tell you that a slice or hook is caused by an uneven club face on impact, but the simulator is able to provide feedback in real-time that explains exactly why your drive would have ended up in the trees.

With this data, golfers can track their progress and see how improvements in their face angle result in more total distance and less side distance. Once their ideal swing is identified, they can study the video footage and practice turning it into muscle memory.

This same approach can be applied to any mechanical issues plaguing a golfer’s game.

2. Practicing Your Strategy to Take On an Upcoming Course

Destination golf trips are expensive, and after waiting all year to finally play your favorite course, you want to make sure your game is up for the challenge. With a Full Swing KIT, golfers gain dial in their carry yardages for each club in their bag to have the confidence that when they get there, they know exactly what club to pull for each shot.

Using your launch monitor at the driving range or hitting into a net at home can give you the repetition you need to get consistent distances and start to picture how you are going to play each hole that you have been dreaming of playing.

3. Effective Practice Sessions All Year Round

For many golfers around the world, the sport’s season is limited to a few glorious months of the year. When cold weather strikes, the clubs go inside and the swing you spent all summer on collects rust. Sure, you can hit some balls into a net, but without true feedback and accurate shot results, a golfer can do off-season damage by developing and reinforcing bad habits. By adding a Full Swing KIT to your training plan, you’re getting a way to get the most out of every swing in the off-season that results in more effective practice and better results when you head back to the course.

The golf season never truly ends with a Full Swing KIT, whether you want to practice from the warmth of your garage or basement to get your numbers dialed in or you want to have a way to play some simulated rounds with friends using the e6 Connect indoor gameplay software, there’s a way to play every day of the year.

4. Make Lessons Last Beyond Your Time with Your Instructor

There is nothing more valuable than a great teacher in golf, they can give you proper technique, fix a glitch in your swing and most importantly give you swing thoughts & drills to reinforce what you just learned. However, most golfers after the lesson have no way to see if what they are working on between lessons is working besides getting out on the course. With the Full Swing KIT launch monitor, work on those drills your coach gave you and see the results, whether by checking in on your high-resolution swing video or by looking at the data from each swing.

Every golfer knows the feeling of leaving a lesson and not working on what you just learned until it’s time for your next round, you get to the course and you don’t know whether it’s worth trying your new swing or if it’s easier to revert to your old bad habits. It’s time to make those lessons worth the money and time by hitting the range with your launch monitor after your lesson to make sure what you just learned is working.

When you have a launch monitor to use between lessons, it makes it easier to send your coach a video of your swing or your club & ball data to see if they can tell what you are doing right. This gives both you and your coach a way to make sure their teaching is being reinforced and you feel confident when you get to the first tee.

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