SAN DIEGO, CA – Ion Performance Camera technology from San Diego-based golf simulator maker Full Swing Golf has taken the golf community by storm in its first year. Sales of the sophisticated extension to Full Swing’s state-of-the-art golf simulators have exceeded forecasts by 50 percent this year.

“New and old customers have already purchased hundreds of Ion high-speed cameras, and we’ve only scratched the surface,” says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Marketing for Full Swing Golf. “As the indoor golf season draws near, Full Swing Golf is ramping up Ion production to satisfy overwhelming demand from Indoor Golf Center, Sports Bar and Rec Center customers. More than 90 percent of new machines currently sold feature the Ion Performance Cam. Dual Technology has proven to provide the most accurate and realistic ball-flight available in golf simulation, it’s our goal to put an Ion in 100 percent of our simulator installations.”

Focusing solely on ball spin and clubhead data, Ion provides clubhead speed, clubface angle and club path information with intuitive on-screen illustrations of the club. It captures detailed spin data using regular unmarked golf balls, including backspin, sidespin and spin axis. This technology ensures the highest degree of accuracy; golfers can shape each shot exactly as they would outdoors, while receiving instant and detailed data feedback for serious game improvement

Gus Jones, PGA head pro at Martis Camp in Truckee, Calif., calls it a major upgrade to his facility. “Our members have thoroughly enjoyed the simulator the last few years, but with the recent addition of the Ion Performance Cam the experience is even better,” says Jones. “The improved spin performance and club data illustration have added enjoyment to the playing experience and greatly enhanced our teaching and clubfitting, allowing teachers and students alike to better understand the golf swing. The Ion definitely exceeded our expectations; now I can’t imagine teaching on our simulator without it.”

At his Pueblo, Colo. home, Phil Marin installed a Full Swing Golf simulator equipped with Ion, which he calls an invaluable swing analysis tool. “Using video alone, it’s sometimes difficult to determine club path and clubface alignment, especially to amateur eyes,” says Marin. “Ion’s helped tremendously with immediate feedback on swing path, to help groove an inside-out swing with proper clubface alignment. That grooved muscle memory has lowered my scores, improved my consistency, and increased my enjoyment of the game… I’ve found it to be a wonderful addition to my Full Swing Golf system!”

PGA Tour pros have also installed ION in their own homes – with much satisfaction. For instance, Ian Poulter loves the instant feedback Ion provides. Immediately after hitting a shot, “I get the visual on the ball flight, and I can then match that with the club data that pops up on the screen,” he says. “I love to always see my ball flight from start to finish, so if I ever want to try hitting a cut shot, I can visually see that cut shot on the screen. I’m always trying to get the club path right with the face angle, as well. That’s what data is most important to me. My time is precious, and I don’t like to compromise.”

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