SAN DIEGO, CA. – Leading golf simulator company, Full Swing Golf, announced today that it has entered into a long term exclusive agreement with Initial Force AS, developers of innovative golf performance products, including Swing Catalyst Pro and Swing Catalyst Studio. The breakthrough partnership will equip Full Swing with new and innovative technologies for use in their golf simulators, in addition to standalone studio applications. The new partnership will also establish Full Swing Golf as sole distributor throughout North America. Swing Catalyst, the flagship product of Initial Force AS, is a groundbreaking motion analysis solution featuring high speed video capture and balance transfer technology.

Initial Force AS, a spin off from Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s highly recognized “technology incubator,” has been developing world class golf performance technologies over the past 5 years. Swing Catalyst was the result of decades of research and development in close cooperation with the University and the Norwegian Olympic Support Committee for ski jumping. Swing Catalyst was born from extensive research on rotational forces in the years prior to the Torino Olympics in 2006. Scientists were able to simulate hundreds of take offs in a single day, identifying the key forces involved in a successful ski jump. Initial Force AS has applied this cutting edge technology to the biomechanics of a golfer’s swing and put it into the hands of the public.

“Our engineers studied the data we collected over the past 5 years from tour players around the world,” states Kristian Rathe, CEO of Initial Force AS. “Our system is the only solution in the industry that synchronizes video analysis with the rotational forces of your golf swing in relation to stance, and pressure patterns in relation to impact.”

“Both companies are very excited about this partnership,” says Full Swing Golf Director of Product Development, Brian Farley. “This is far more than just video. The Swing Catalyst suite brings a fresh and intuitive, yet extremely powerful approach to swing analysis. Pair that with a seamless integration into a Full Swing golf simulator, and you’ve got a combination that’s unmatched in the industry. Our new line of performance products will also include several different standalone configurations that can be installed into any teaching and training environment, private home, retail store, or clubhouse.”

“We were aware that other golf simulator companies were courting Initial Force AS for their revolutionary technologies known as Swing Catalyst Studio.” adds Full Swing Golf CEO, Eric Murray. “Full Swing is proud to be an exclusive partner with Initial Force AS, and even more excited about the long term co-development agreement going into effect immediately. It continues to be an exciting year for Full Swing Golf.”

This move supports Full Swing’s intent to align itself with the most innovative and forward-thinking companies as it strives to push the boundaries of indoor golf. “The Initial Force AS development team is a very talented group of software engineers and programmers who spent a great deal of time developing a system that works.” says Full Swing Golf CTO, Erik Lugris. “The golf Industry is about to be introduced to a product that will have a measurable and verifiable impact on game improvement industry wide. Working with Kristian and his team in Trondheim, Norway has been rewarding, and we look forward to our long term business relationship.”

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