SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 15, 2016 – Full Swing Golf, the leader in indoor golf technology, today announced plans to debut the latest model in its award winning series of golf simulators, the S2. Specifically developed to offer customers a Full Swing Golf experience, but at a more affordable price starting at $19,900. “The S2 simulator is the first of its kind to be a DIY installation at the lowest cost of ownership, allowing more families, businesses and golf courses, the ability to own a simulator,” explained CEO of Full Swing Golf, Ryan Dotters.

The S2 is streamlined in design and set up for self-installation, allowing for great compatibility on any type of flooring within varying spaces. The product gives greater access to different types of customers, especially golf facilities that remain open during the winter season and throughout the year. “With the streamlined installation process, smaller footprint and best value for the price, we’re hoping to equip golf professionals with the opportunity to extend their teaching season throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions,” said Dotters.

Additionally, the new S2 series allows golfers and their families to enjoy, learn, and play the game more frequently, at a faster pace. “Our dual tracking technology combines high speed camera and infrared light wave technology to produce the most realistic ball tracking data you can get,” explained Senior Vice President, Jason Fierro. “At Full Swing, we strive to constantly develop the highest quality, best performing golf simulation technology in the world and the S2 series delivers this at the best value for the price,” added Fierro.

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