SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA–During the wintertime, when golf is far from the minds of many in the Buckeye State, others are sharpening their games using the Full Swing golf simulators at The Practice Center in Franklin, Ohio.
Situated off the I-75, between Cincinnati and Dayton, The Practice Center is a popular place for area residents and commuters alike. For the past 15 years, the facility has used two state-of-the-art Full Swing golf simulators in a variety of ways—from men’s indoor golf leagues to swing analysis. Each golf simulator has a large screen as well – perfect for hosting Super Bowl parties and World Series games.

Over the years, The Practice Center has continually invested, enhanced and upgraded its simulators with better projectors, better screens, the latest software revisions, and adding more courses. Andy Abel, pro shop manager at the facility, says they originally purchased the Full Swing simulators to bring in business during the slower winter months, mainly from Thanksgiving through March. “We bring people in from all over during the winter months to hit because of the Full Swing simulator,” Abel says. “I always say, the worse the weather outside, the better the indoor golf.”

While some enjoy the fun and camaraderie of competing on famous courses and use it as a night out with friends for some laughs, beer and food, similar to a bowling league, others use it to simply hit balls, keep track of their statistics, and better judge their distances with each club.
“For those going away on spring break or a business trip in the winter, using our heated driving range, combined with the Full Swing Golf simulator, is a great way to get the rust off,” Abel says.

The Full Swing simulators are also used in warmer weather for swing analysis and to help fit people with new clubs. Abel says, to generate more interest in the simulators and to thank returning clients, the facility hosts frequent closest-to-the-pin contests and a customer appreciation day every December.
“It’s been a real boost to our business,” Abel says. “We made the right choice when we went with Full Swing Golf. We initially looked at all the simulators and we liked the graphics on another product. Then, we saw someone take a swing on the analyzer and he barely hit the ball; it ricocheted off the wall and the simulator projected that it had gone 260 yards.

“We said, that’s trickery,” he continues. “Our customer will play it once, but may not come back. We did more analysis and Full Swing won. If you hook it outside, you will hook it on the Full Swing Golf simulator. We’ve been very happy with the product.”

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