SAN DIEGO, CA – Full Swing Golf is proud to announce that PGA Tour pro Ian Poulter has installed one of its Champion Series golf simulators in his Florida home.

Poulter had the golf simulator installed in his golf garage, along with his V1 and Trackman systems, his golf cart, and all of the tournament golf bags he’s collected over time.

“Life is busy and it’s tough to juggle a multifaceted career with a family and still find time to practice golf”, says Ian Poulter. “That’s why I built a golf studio in my new home in Orlando, which I thought I would only use when it rains, when it’s night or when I’m short on time. My sim is so good and so convenient that I practice more indoors than I thought I would, regardless of what’s going on outside.”

Poulter further states, “The Ion Performance Cam is the latest addition to the sim, which gives me extensive club data and improved spin performance. I can shape all my shots at will, and the ball’s flight I see on the sim is identical to my outdoor ball flight. It even lets me adjust weather elements and course conditions. My sim is incredibly realistic and the data is so extensive, its a fantastic training tool that helps me stay sharp. Beyond practice it’s actually a lot of fun. Over the holidays, family, friends and I play the courses and have closest to the pin contests. My sim is great for golfers of all ages and abilities…my son, Dad and I all compete together and have a great time.”

Of the 80 courses featured on his Full Swing Golf simulator, Poulter’s favorite to play is Pebble Beach.

Full Swing Golf simulators have been installed in the homes of many PGA Tour pros over the years. “We’re always thrilled when golf superstars, such as Ian Poulter, install one of our simulators at their very own home,” says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Full Swing Golf. “It’s an honor that the world’s top players opt to use our technology to help perfect their craft, and serves as a testament to the credibility, reliability and accuracy of our products.”

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