When people are looking at joining a private golf club, there are many factors they are taking into consideration and with the amount of investment required, it is no wonder that they are looking to get the most of their membership. While you can argue which course will have the best greens and the best pace of play, one thing that private clubs can control is having something for the whole family year-round as a reason to come to the club.

By installing a Full Swing Simulator, you’re not only installing 84 championship courses with Champion Proven Technology used by Tiger Woods, Justin Rose and Jordan Spieth, you’re installing a way for the whole family to play more than 13 sports and a place to watch their favorite team a 12-16 foot screen. When it comes to attracting new members, we know that half the battle is getting them to come to the course to experience what it has to offer and over 60% of survey respondents said that members were booking times specifically to bring guests to the club to use the Full Swing Simulator for the first time.

In our survey of courses that have installed a Full Swing Simulator, over 50% of new members referenced the simulator as a reason for joining over another club that did not offer a simulator as part of their membership. We can’t tell you whether people love that they can play golf at the club no matter the weather or if it is because they know their family is going to spend more time in the clubhouse as the kids play zombie dodgeball on the simulator, but we can say that adding a Full Swing Simulator to the clubhouse is attracting new members and keeping existing ones feeling like their dues are being invested in something that they can use year-round.

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