Last year the LPGA Women’s Network launched a movement called #inviteHER which “seeks to create an enjoyable, welcoming experience for women interested in trying the game or picking it back up,” through group lessons, driving range sessions or on-course experience. With the LPGA eager to grow the game, Full Swing strives to do the same! Our mission is to create a ‘no pressure environment’ that is welcoming to new and non-avid golfers.

Full Swing simulators are beneficial for women who are new to the game, eager to improve their skills or looking for a community of like minded ladies. One huge advantage of learning on our golf simulators is time. There is no rush to get to the next hole and no time restraint on how long you can practice! Women have time to work on their skills and gain the confidence to play on the course with their spouse or friends.

Another advantage to Full Swing simulators are that they are fun! Five Iron Golf, located in New York City— holds a monthly Sip & Swing: Women’s Golf Clinic. These clinics are instructed by an LPGA professional that teaches women the basics of golf, creates a supportive environment, provides tips and ticks all while sipping some wine! With clinics like these, we have high expectations that women will be spending more time out on the golf courses and learning the game.


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