First Look: Ion2 by Full Swing Golf
New Technology Aims to Master the Art of Ball Flight.
by Chris Duthie

For a 57-year-old geezer who’s been playing golf for more than five decades, I am continually amazed at how gee-whiz technology is changing this centuries-old game.
The latest to come down the pike: Ion2 Vision Technology, a new ball-flight analyzer developed by San Diego-based Full Swing Golf.

What’s new: A proprietary high-speed camera that, when combined with FSG’s third-generation infrared tracking device, measures real-time backspin, sidespin and spin axis, plus records and illustrates club head speed, path, and face angle.

Measuring in at 1.25 inches thick and the length of a club, the Ion2’s whisper-quiet hardware also instantly measures golf ball speed, launch angle and direction.

“Some of my favorite features are the field of vision and auto alignment capabilities,” said FSG vice-president Chad Coleman. “Most competing camera solutions require you to hit from the same four- to six-inch spot on the mat. Ion2 finds your ball and automatically adjusts the target line within the software.

“Our customers can drop their ball on the mat, and the software finds it and dials in the target,” said Coleman.

More importantly, at least from this hacker’s standpoint, is that Ion2’s on-screen illustrations show in rich detail the path, shape and accuracy of a well- or poorly struck golf ball, providing the kind of information that ultimately leads to better equipment choices and shot decisions.

For example, let’s say you want to know for certain that new ball from Nike not only feels better but also carries farther and spins better into the green than your favorite Titleist. The Ion2 will tell confirm it.

Or what about those new TaylorMade clubs you got last Christmas? Are you really hitting the irons longer, with just a smidgeon of draw, or is it all in your head? The Ion2 will dial you in fast, leaving no questions or distractions while you work to bring down that double-digit handicap.

“No other measurement device or technology can measure these ball flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly… period” said Coleman.

Keep an eye on the Ion2.

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