LINCOLN, ILLINOIS – The Lincoln Courier: Katlyn Hasprey’s performance at Monday’s sectionals at Lincoln Elks Country Club was enough to qualify the sophomore for the state finals that begin today at Decatur-Red Tail Run.

Hasprey, who shot an 84, credits, her second-year coach Christine Randall for aiding her in developing and expediting her process to get to the next level.

“Coach really helped me a lot, and my dad really helped me to practice over the summer,” Hasprey said. “My freshman year, I had a pretty good swing. I knew what I needed to do, and it just all clicked.”

Hasprey also credits playing a [Full Swing Golf] simulator at Logan County Lanes to develop her game during the winter months.

“During the winter, I practiced a lot in the simulator,” Hasprey said. “Once March came around, I practiced all spring and summer long out on the course.” Hasprey, who is only in her sophomore season, said she is just happy to qualify for the next of level of state.

“After my practice round today, it’s a tough course,” Hasprey said. “My goal is to just shoot in the low 80s to place in the top 20 or so. Or to do the best I have all season, and end it on a good note.” Today will mark the first time outside of the practice rounds that Hasprey has ever played on the course.

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