by Kristy Smith, Editorial Assistant, LondonOntarioGolf.com

Today, there’s no excuse to feel rusty on the first tee during your first round of the season – not even in southwestern Ontario. In fact, despite what climate you may live in, many golfers are taking advantage of the unique benefits of Full Swing Golf simulators, and ensuring that their swing is perfected before they hit the links.

A veteran of 27 years in the golf industry, Full Swing Golf is considered the pioneer of the golf simulator sector. It certainly shows in the research and technology that goes into making this indoor golfing experience incomparable to other simulators.

“What sets us apart primarily is the patented infrared tracking system that we have built into our walls, ceiling and the enclosure,” said Chad Coleman, VP Sales & Marketing at Full Swing Golf. “There is an infrared sensor every inch and a half throughout the space, and that’s 360 degrees throughout the enclosure.

Coleman explained, “As the ball flies from the mat to the screen, the ball is displacing that infrared light and we are able to measure the exact speed and direction in which the ball flies from A to B.”

One of the most interesting and unique features of Full Swing Golf simulators is the ability to give real time simulation. Many other golf simulators use calculations to determine where the ball will end up. Determining the ball projection through mathematical calculations often takes a few seconds for the software to process, therefore reminding the golfer that they are not playing outdoors. Full Swing Golf eliminates that delay – its simulators give instantaneous on-screen results, thanks to the measurement of light-wave technology. As the ball breaks through the infrared beams, it can give an accurate measurement at the speed of light.

The quickness of Full Swing Golf simulators is especially noticeable on a golfer’s short game. On the range, when you hit your driver, the hang time on that ball is somewhere between five and seven seconds. So, if there is a delay in the virtual world, it isn’t that noticeable. On the other hand, if you are chipping, the ball is in the air for less than a second, so any delay would make it feel unrealistic. When you chip the ball while hitting at a Full Swing Golf simulator, the ball lands in real time – exactly where the ball penetrates the infrared grid. This superior technology gives the most natural and realistic experience to golfing off the course.

The breadth of innovation and technology continued this year as Full Swing Golf debuted the ION Performance Camera, a high-speed vision camera that mounts to the ceiling of each enclosure. ION provides clubhead speed, clubface angle and club path information with intuitive on-screen illustrations of the club. Using regular unmarked balls, it captures detailed spin data including backspin, sidespin and spin axis. This technology ensures the highest degree of accuracy – golfers can shape each shot exactly as they would outdoors, while receiving instant and detailed data feedback for serious game improvement.

With infrared tracking to measure speed and trajectory, along with the ION Performance Camera to measure spin, the golf simulation experience is enhanced greatly. And, a golfer is provided with statistics that you cannot obtain while using other simulators. “Whether you want to know data about your shots, club fitting, teaching or training, Full Swing Golf simulator provides accurate data that is unequaled,” said Coleman.

Full Swing Golf has also incorporated weather simulation to make the experience as life-like as possible. Using the superior E6 Environment Technology software, the enclosure feels like a living, breathing environment. E6 incorporates the sights and sounds of waves crashing, trees blowing in the wind and the glow of the sun setting in the distance. Coleman said, “The graphics are very good but we are working on the next generation of graphics that will look more like video. It will be hard to tell the difference between live video being shot from the course and the graphical representation on the screen.”
While indoor golf does not replace outdoor golf, there are a variety of scenarios where Full Swing Golf simulators provide numerous advantages. After all, practice is always key, and bettering your skills indoors will translate to your game on the course. Typically, those in the northern climates use indoor golf as practice facilities during snowy months. Those who are fortunate to live in a year-round golfing climate find that simulators are perfect for training – when short on time, or during evenings when courses and ranges are closed. A wide variety of age groups across the globe are said to be utilizing Full Swing Golf’s technology.

There are roughly 4,500 Full Swing Golf simulators installed worldwide. Aside from indoor golf facilities around the globe, there are several other unique locations that are incorporating Full Swing Golf simulators. These can range from bowling alleys, retirement communities, bars and even hotels. You can find simulators in the private residences of Donald Trump and Richard Marriott, and in the halls of such distinctive institutions as Princeton University. Even the President of Kazakhstan, The King of Saudi Arabia, the Moscow City Golf Club and Caesar’s Palace employ the Full Swing Golf simulator. Some of the world’s most respected golf professionals, including Golf Channel instructor Hank Haney (visiting London May 18 – details here), and PGA Tour pros Ian Poulter and Mark Wilson are avid Full Swing Golf users.

In Canada, there are 27 locations from coast to coast where golfers can utilize Full Swing Golf simulators. Seven of these installations are located in the Greater Toronto Area, including the Best Western Hotel in Oshawa.

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