You wouldn’t know it by the looks of the courses, but golf season is officially here.

And with the snow still hanging around, some teams are having to adjust their practice routing.

Golf has long been a sport of the outdoors, but this spring the harsh Wisconsin winter has forced teams from around the area.
The Marshfield Tigers are hoping the latest technology can give them a leg up on the competition.

They’re using Full Swing Golf Simulator technology that allows golfers to simulate every aspect of their game, from the tee box to the putting green, on virtual courses from all over the world.

“You can play all sorts of courses, like St. Andrews, which is great because you’ll never get to play them in real life,” Brandon Brown said.

And even more importantly, Full Swing provides feedback, so golfers can iron out the kinks in their swing before hitting the course for real.

“They can hit on the range and it can get the distances of their clubs. It’ll have a tracer on it showing the movement of their club, how high it is. It’ll also tell them if their club face is open or closed at the point of impact, if they’ve got a draw spin or a slice spin,” Paul Foegen, Tigers golf coach said.

The kids say they’ve practiced on the technology for two weeks now and have enjoyed massive improvement.

“Mostly the bigger parts of your swing. It lets you work them out so when the season starts you’re ready,” Michael Josephson said.

“I’ve seen tons of improvement. I’ve been able to eliminate some problems from my swing and just improve,” Brown said.

Time will tell whether or not the simulator can truly be a substitute for the real thing, but if Wisconsin weather is any indication, it might become a necessity in the years to come.

To view the news reel of the Marshfield Tigers golf team using the Newport simulator, click here: Marshfield Tigers Golf

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