Play Pebble Beach Golf Links Without Leaving Los Gatos : Los Gatos Patch.

Rain or shine, night or day, golfers will be able to play Pebble Beach Golf Links any season of the year.

With the addition of a Full Swing Golf Simulator at Fit Precision on University Ave., the ability to virtually play 80 famous international courses comes to Los Gatos.

The simulator provides a fun, realistic experience and an invaluable tool for instruction. That’s why PGA Tour Pros like Poulter, Wilson, Mahan, and Haas choose Full Swing Golf (FSG) for their simulators.

The giant 12-foot wide screen and the live motion software make play incredibly realistic and arguable the best in the industry.

Full Swing Golf (FSG) boasts that “waves crash at Pebble Beach, clouds drift at St. Andrews, and rain showers fall at Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand.”

Not only is the simulator fun and exciting for course play, it’s also an incredible teaching tool. Infrared technology measures ball speed, launch angle, and direction while hi-speed camera technology measures ball spin and club head data.

This dual tracking technology provides the most realistic ball flight and there’s no delay in rendering the virtual ball!

On-screen illustrations of data on club head speed, club face angle, club path, and real time ball spin data help golfers of all levels to improve their swing.

“The team at Fit Precision will also use the simulator as a platform for top-notch instruction and biomechanics training. If a golfer is serious about getting fit, better understanding the golf swing, lowering scores and having a great time, Fit Precision is the answer,” says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at FSG.

Golfers can take advantage of this unique piece of equipment by scheduling a private lesson or golf biomechanics training session.

It is also available for hourly rental mornings, afternoons and evenings during the week and on weekends. Groups of up to four golfers can use the simulator to analyze their swings, practice on a virtual driving range, or play up to 18 holes.

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