With snow falling on the East Coast and dusk approaching early on the West Coast, it is safe to say that the outdoor golf season is coming to an end. However, for places like Wired Golf and Golf Amplified—  golf simulator season has just begun!

For places like California, where the problem with golf in the winter isn’t so much the weather, but racing to get to the course before the sun goes down. Located in Santa Monica, Wired Golf is an indoor golf lounge where you can play, practice, and learn on Full Swing simulators. They host weekly league nights, offer lessons with a PGA Certified Professional golf instructor and created a monthly membership for their avid golfers. Golfers can now come in on their lunch to get a lesson or swing by after work for a few rounds.

For the other rest of the country though, the biggest setback is the weather. With snow on the ground those 4-5 months during winter, swinging your club or practicing your putt seems nearly impossible. Luckily, places like Golf Amplified have made the off-season part of your peak-season. Golf Amplified is a premier indoor golf and event facility located in Kingsport, Tennessee. Here, golfers can use our Full Swing simulators to get fit for new clubs, get lessons, join a clinic or play 18 holes in under an hour! This is also a great way to keep kids and junior golfers active during those colder months.

No matter what the weather is outside or if the sun has set, with a Full Swing Simulator, you can play whenever you have the time.

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