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SAN DIEGO, USA and HAMBURG, GERMANY – Full Swing from California and the German based Augmented Reality Company Viewlicity partner up to raise the bar in golf technology. From now on, putting practice will evolve to an interactive learning experience.

Full Swing’s Virtual Green, a computer-controlled putting surface, sets the basis for this unprecedented experience. With multiple pinpoints beneath the carpet this green is able to recreate any breaking putt you can find outdoors. But for most players it is still difficult to read the slope of the green and to anticipate the actual path of the putt. This is where Viewlicity‘s Augmented Reality Technology fits in: While the Virtual Green sets the surface, PuttView displays the Player how to hole the putt. „The two products are made for each other and we are extremely excited about this partnership. This unique combination of products will change the way putting is perceived in the world of golf” says Ryan Dotters, CEO of Full Swing Golf.

How does it work? The user can choose from a variety of 37 different topographies on a touch screen and the Virtual Green recreates the green in seconds. Based on that topography PuttView calculates the ideal putting path and uses Projection based Augmented Reality to display it directly on the green. But there is a lot more to PuttView than just displaying lines, it offers a Visual Toolbox to support putting practice. “PuttView creates what we call an immersive learning environment and activates your mind’s eye with visual cues to become a better putter” says Christoph Pregizer, Co-Founder of Viewlicity.

The Combination of products is appealing to a wide range of Target Groups be it for Colleges, Academies, Professional Golfers or Home Owners. “It offers tons of possibilities in practice, teaching and entertainment” says Lukas Posniak, Co-Founder of Viewlicity.

But the partnership is not limited to a combined product offering. “Full Swing Golf will be one of the distributors for PuttView in North America and we are honoured to have a partner of this calibre on board”, adds Lukas Posniak. A view which is shared by both sides, according to Ryan Dotters: “Augmented Reality is a technology of the future and partnering up with Viewlicity opens up this new field for us.” Christoph Pregizer summarizes: “This partnership has enormous potential and we will continue to develop the best experience for golfers as well as those who just enjoy the entertaining side of the technology.”

Virtual Green and / or PuttView can be ordered at the PGA Show thru the Full Swing Golf booth.

About PuttView
PuttView is a product for visual putting practice developed by the German based company Viewlicity. The system uses Augmented Reality Technology to display the ideal putting path, the pace as well as other visual cues directly on the green. It helps players to activate their mind’s eye, provides a visual toolbox for coaches and makes practice more fun. For further information, please visit www.puttview.com.

Please direct media, sales or other inquiries to:
• Full Swing Golf: Toshi Corbet, toshi.corbet@webtest.fullswinggolf.com
• Puttview: Lukas Posniak, posniak@puttview.com

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