This is a one-time payment of $750, no annual subscription required. If you are only focused on getting your swing dialed in on the practice areas and only need 5 courses, this is the package is the perfect introduction.


  1. Aviara Golf Club & Resort
  2. The Belfry
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Stone Canyon Golf Club
  5. Wade Hampton Golf Club


Practice Areas
Driving Range:

  1. Flat Range
  2. Large Targets
  3. Shot Shape
  4. Small Targets
  5. Long Drive Range

Chip & Putt

  1. Chip & Putt Area* (Chipping Only)
  2. Chip: 15yd Bunker Shot
  3. Chip: 32yd Bunker Shot
  4. Chip: 25yd Bunker Shot
  5. Chip: 25yd Boulder Shot
  6. Chip: 30yd Log Pile Shot
  7. Chip: 35yd Boulder Shot
  8. Chip: 50yd Log Shot
  9. Chip: 70yd Tree Shot
  10. Chip: 40yd Shot
  11. Chip: 60yd Shot
  12. Chip: 80yd Shot
  13. Chip: 90yd Shot
    *You will only be able to chip in this area as putting is not a current feature

There is only 1 mode of play that comes with this option, stroke play.
There are limited online events you can enter.
There are no mini-games available with this option.
There is no peer to peer play available with this option.
There will be no updated courses or features with this package.

As a reminder, e6 Connect Packages are only for Full Swing KIT launch monitor,
to learn more about the variety of software available to our Full Swing
Simulator owners have access to Full Swing Golf, Showdown Golf and
Multisport Software: https://www.fullswinggolf.com/technology/

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